“In the books and conferences urged upon us as pastors and in the pastoral models put before us, we feel a kind of relentless pressure to be better strategic and visionary leaders, more compelling communicators, more astute theologians, and better culture-shaping evangelists. But all of these other assignments get in line behind Peter’s instruction to us, ‘Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care.’”    

Lee Eclov, Pastoral Graces: Reflections on the Care of Souls

Half a lifetime ago Jesus called me to be a pastor, a shepherd of his flock, a Wordworker given to his church. I am a captive of grace twice over. So week after week, year after year, I have preached, counseled, visited, baptized, served Communion, and gone to meetings. I’ve learned to pray better, and become more tender-hearted. I love the grace of God! I have come  to believe that there is no work in all the world like being a pastor.

I feel a special bond with my fellow shepherds — other ordinary pastors like myself, and I delight in drawing them into the heart of shepherding. That’s why I love mentoring seminary students, writing for pastors, and speaking to pastors’ groups.

The Elders of my church, among others, have encouraged me to extend my ministry to pastors. I don’t bring growth strategies or new methods for success. I employ my spiritual gifts of encouragement and wisdom to build pastors’ confidence in shepherding–in the pastoral graces God equipped them to share. My tools are Scripture, stories, humor, and a fresh way of putting things.

If I can help you or pastors you serve, I hope you’ll contact me.