Pastors’ Gatherings


What’s the plan?

Our time will consist of 1 to 1½ hour sessions. In each session, we will choose a discussion topic and visit about it, sharing ideas, experience, frustrations, and questions. We’ll chose from topics like these:

  • How do you work God’s Word into your shepherding work?
  • How do you balance pastoral care with the other demands of your work?
  • How do you go about praying for your flock?
  • How do you manage the squeeze between shepherding and church growth?
  • How does your pastoral work affect your soul, positively and negatively?
  • We hear about having a “shepherd’s heart.” Is that something you cultivate or struggle with?
  • Pastoral counseling and the care of souls

This will be discussion based. At times, I will lead by speaking about key biblical texts, longevity in pastoring, bringing pastoral grace to our work, and pastoral counseling. We’ll also have time for informal chats in the relaxed environment.

This is not a conference, seminar, or class. No notebook, packet, videos, band, or book table. We won’t talk about how to grow our churches or our strategic plans. We’ll keep focused on shepherding and the shepherd’s soul.


 How Can I Register? 

Send an email to me at to let me know you’re coming. Pay when you arrive. I’ll send you directions and some things to think on before you come.

Invite your pastor friends to join you. There’s only room for 20 so don’t wait to sign up. I look forward to meeting you and our time together.

 Who is Lee Eclov?

I’ve been a pastor for about 40 years,currently serving the Village Church of Lincolnshire (EFCA). I’ve written a lot for Preaching Today and Leadership Journal, and authored Feels Like Home: How Rediscovering the Church as Family Changes Everything (Moody 5/19), Pastoral Graces: Reflections on the Care of Souls (Moody) and the Pastor’s Service Manual (Next Step). I’m an adjunct professor at TEDS teaching Introduction to Counseling Ministries. You can read some of my work at elsewhere on this website. If you have questions, please write or call: or 847-302-6853. eclov-pastor-gathering-photo2

What others are saying… 

“Pastors are inundated with resources on how to be a better everything: preacher, leader, fundraiser, strategist. It’s a long list. What we mostly lack is someone who speaks honestly, humbly, wisely about the heart of our calling: to be a shepherd. Lee does that, and does it well. He is a rare gift. He is one of us who knows a bit more than us, and who is glad to share. I am better shepherd because of Lee’s ministry.”

Pastor, Author and Professor Mark Buchanan

“Lee really connects with pastors and leaders alike. With decades of experience as a pastor with a shepherd’s heart he humbly shares his successes and failures alike. Lee has so many one line nuggets of wisdom that he interweaves through personal stories and ministry applications. I have recruited speakers for nearly 50 conferences. Lee is at the top of the list of speakers with positive response and appreciation from all who attended. My pastors and leaders left refreshed, renewed and strengthened by Lee’s ministry.”

Dr. Greg Fell, Rocky Mountain District Supt., EFCA

“You pulled together 17 pastors for an overnight retreat to talk openly and honestly about shepherding.  I have never done that in all my 21 years of being a pastor.” 

Pastor Mark Werner

“It was both terrifying and humbling listening to everyone: terrifying to know that ministry ‘issues’ do not change over time and remain complicated and frustrating, and humbling to know that guys are still in the trenches after all these years! It was quite motivating to hear how others live that tension of ministry and not give up. Veterans keep the young bucks going! … If you want to be in a place where people understand your struggles, come.”

Pastor E.J. Ravago

Getting to be around pastors in a setting where it wasn’t an information dump or complaining about our churches but rather asking questions and hearing real life examples was a great help to me. The free flowing conversation made the time very beneficial. …  pastors need a time like this. We need to be reminded of the call to be a shepherd because that part of our job can get lost in the midst of other responsibilities. This time is great for asking questions, hearing helpful and practical answers, and being encouraged.

Pastor Tim Gioia