First Runner-Up

It is hard to be the one who isn’t chosen for a church position. Here are some things I learned. Originally this article was a “Name Withheld” article. After all, who wants to be known as the guy who nobody wanted? A month after this came out I was hired at the church where I still serve.

Preaching to Found Souls

How do the ministries of spiritual direction and spiritual formation relate to preaching. Since I couldn’t find much about that intersection I set out to write what I had learned.

How Does Unction Function?

Unction is a word no one ever uses except as a measure of preaching. It is a good and well-meaning word–anointed–but sometimes it just means wound-up. So how does Spirit’s anointing work?

The Clint Eastwoods of the Pulpit?

Prophetic preaching gets its name from flinty, heavy hitters like Elijah and Jeremiah. There are times when today’s preachers must be prophetic also.

Psyched to Preach

This is one of my favorite articles. The first draft I submitted to Preaching Today wasn’t much good so I started over. I especially like the imagery.

The Danger of Practical Preaching

This is one of my earliest articles for Preaching Today, and a favorite of readers. It started with a guy named Rob who just wanted bullet point sermons. Here are the fallacies of “practical preaching” and why I believe that expository preaching cuts “truth trails” in our listeners minds.