I’ve written about 50 articles for Preaching Today, Leadership Journal, and CT Pastors. Below are a few of my favorites. If you’d like to browse all my articles at their website, click the button below.

The Breath of Wisdom

God’s wisdom doesn’t typically come like a bolt out of the blue. It’s more like a very enlightening conversation where holy insights dawn on us. We discover and understand holy treasures by reading and hearing Scripture but we internalize them in prayer, bringing our own daily case studies under our Father’s tutelage.

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The Motherlode of Wisdom

Proverbs was written to keep us out of trouble and to persuade us that the virtuous life will be richly rewarded. That’s what makes wisdom such a treasure. But the motherlode of wisdom is actually easy to miss.

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‘Give Me Wisdom and Knowledge’

So has wisdom been more valuable than silver, gold, or rubies? I couldn’t remember checking my account balance. When I did I was surprised! Did anyone ever tell you when you were young that if you saved a little every week by the time you were old you would be wealthy? That’s what happens in choosing our Father’s instruction.

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Faithful in Little: Shepherd Songs

The ministry of singing seems to have become the sole province of worship leaders and the people with mics. But singing can be good pastoral care, especially in a hospital room, a nursing home, a time of weeping or parting, or even in a counseling session. Maybe you’re thinking, “I can’t sing.” Could be true. But most of us can carry a tune.

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Faithful in Little: ‘You Said Something to Me Once …’

Pastors spill countless words, but we all learn that once in a while God allows us to say one thing—one Big Thing—which turns the rudder of someone’s life. “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver. “(Prov. 15:11)

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Faithful in Little: Child-Sized

I hope that when our church kids grow up they’ll remember that they had a pastor who knew and loved them like Jesus when they were but little lambs. Yet Jesus taught us that we may need kids more than they need us.

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