I’ve written about 50 articles for Preaching Today, Leadership Journal, and CT Pastors. Below are a few of my favorites. If you’d like to browse all my articles at their website, click the button below.

The Danger of Practical Preaching

One of my earliest pieces, still why I champion expository preaching.

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What Kind of Pastor Am I?

It’s not so much your method as what you’re dispensing. Lee Eclov, Leadership Journal, February 2014 (web only) “Recently I have become really confused about …

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In It for the Long Haul

Forget metrics. The pastor’s job is to find success when it’s invisible. Lee Eclov, Leadership Journal, Summer 2015 In the classic movie based on a …

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The Neglected Power of Blessing

These words are your birthright, who you are, why we are different from others.

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Prepare Your Soul to Preach

The hardest part of sermon preparation may be dealing with our own souls. This article appeared in, Sept. 2014.

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First Runner-Up

It is hard to be the one who isn’t chosen for a church position. Here are some things I learned. Originally this article was a “Name Withheld” article. After all, who wants to be known as the guy who nobody wanted? A month after this came out I was hired at the church where I still serve.

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