Faithful in Little: Jewels

Sometimes people dream of walking on streets of gold, but we walk among the Lord’s jewels every week. Yet when we talk about our church to others we almost never even think of these things. Perhaps it is because they are so small. They seem unremarkable. But these are the treasures of ministry.

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Banner Bearers

Pastors, like Moses, are standard bearers, holding high the Lord Jesus Christ. Our church advances when Christ is held high in their midst but should our energy flag or we lose our faith or focus, our people will fall back, defenseless.

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The Undoing

My heart breaks for Moses in this story. He had come so far. He had endured so much. He had been so faithful. But then on the verge of the Promised Land he choked on the grace of God. He just couldn’t swallow it, and so he couldn’t deliver it.

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More Humble

“Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.” How is that possible! This man had a fiery temper and a fierce sense of right and wrong, so how could he find it in himself to take this kind of insubordination from his own siblings and not say a word!

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Glory Be!

What our flocks need most from us, if Pastor Moses is any indication, is not our vision or our visits but our prayers, interceding for God’s grace upon them but also this wise and pivotal prayer for ourselves.

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