Finally, God’s people started returning. Not as many as had left, but then again, those who came back had changed for the better and others came for the first time. They came because God moved their hearts. It is like that again. As our people return take heart from Ezra’s account of the Jews return from exile.

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‘It Will Be Good for That Servant’

Pastors: here is our job: To be faithful and wise managers, providing food on schedule to those in the household we oversee. Food service doesn’t have the cachet of greatness or prestige but that is our job. We’re quartermasters behind the lines, feeding the troops their rations. The measure of our success is a well-nourished flock, soldiers who don’t wilt in battle. As Dallas Willard wrote, “Instead of counting Christians, we need to weigh them.”

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I Will Be Your Waiter

Did you realize that Jesus washing the feet of his disciples in the upper room was eschatology? According to Luke 12:37, the Lord Jesus lays aside his blood-dipped, gleaming white robe and golden sash to dress as a servant, and he begins to wait on us!

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Watch Night

Watching for Jesus is our pastoral duty. We’re expected to have the Master’s household ready to welcome him, to be sure no one’s lounging in sweats or taking the long night off. All the lights on. All hands on deck to welcome the Master back to his household.

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God’s Gift to Pastors: Smallification

How can we guide others through the ladders, passages, and watchtowers of God’s kingdom if we’re too big? So God gives us the gift most of us don’t put on our Christmas list: smallification.

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God’s Gifts to Pastors: Preaching Christ

For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord … (2 Cor. 4:5). I wonder if our people ever look at us on Sunday morning and marvel that such a privilege has been given to the likes of us! We well know that this royal assignment did not come to us by virtue of our qualifications but rather (I suspect) because God delights in creating ex nihilo.

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