What Kind of Pastor Am I?

It’s not so much your method as what you’re dispensing. Lee Eclov, Leadership Journal, February 2014 (web only) “Recently I have become really confused about ministry,” the email said. It was from a pastor with 15 years of ministry experience. He said he was unsettled by the “wide variety of methods when it comes to […]

In It for the Long Haul

Forget metrics. The pastor’s job is to find success when it’s invisible. Lee Eclov, Leadership Journal, Summer 2015 In the classic movie based on a true story, Remember the Titans, Coach Herman Boone takes a deeply divided high school team and builds them into champions, beginning with an intense, exhausting two-week camp in the heat […]

Prepare Your Soul to Preach

The hardest part of sermon preparation may be dealing with our own souls. This article appeared in PreachingToday.com, Sept. 2014.

First Runner-Up

It is hard to be the one who isn’t chosen for a church position. Here are some things I learned. Originally this article was a “Name Withheld” article. After all, who wants to be known as the guy who nobody wanted? A month after this came out I was hired at the church where I still serve.