How Beautiful

Sometimes even good shepherds get distracted by ministry staircases and such and forget to see the beauty of Jesus right there in our own congregations. Part of good pastoring is helping our people see Jesus in the alcoves of our fellowship.

The Parable of the Contractor

A certain wealthy man summoned a building contractor and told him he wanted to enlist his services in building a home. This wasn’t just a house; not even a mansion. It was a palace. No expense would be spared. But when the rich man began to describe the materials he wanted the contractor to use his astonishment turned to bewilderment.

‘Build with Care’

It’s not ours to choose the kinds of people God entrusts to our section of his living temple, whether Bible-hungry Bereans or contentious Corinthians, but we do determine the materials we use. Scripture tells us how to build with golden mortar.

Onward, Christian Farmers

That unsettling farming phrase, “though he does not know how,” might be an interesting theme for a church growth conference. We may be able to find ways to attract more people to church but, at best, that only increases our acreage, not our yield. Kingdom growth, whether global, local, or personal, will always be a sacred mystery.

I Coulda Been a Contender

These wilderness months have not been in vain even when they’ve been disheartening. Now you have seen what was in the hearts of your people and whether or not they obeyed the Lord. Now you’ve seen how the Spirit of Christ within them worked or was quenched. One pastor friend said, “We had no idea how mean our people could be!” Well, now we know. We know, too, that others were faithful, prayerful, and self-sacrificing.

Faithful in Little: Jewels

Sometimes people dream of walking on streets of gold, but we walk among the Lord’s jewels every week. Yet when we talk about our church to others we almost never even think of these things. Perhaps it is because they are so small. They seem unremarkable. But these are the treasures of ministry.