‘Build with Care’

It’s not ours to choose the kinds of people God entrusts to our section of his living temple, whether Bible-hungry Bereans or contentious Corinthians, but we do determine the materials we use. Scripture tells us how to build with golden mortar.

I Thank the Father for You

I’ve sat at my favorite coffee shop and in my study at home thanking our Father for you who read these letters, who have written to me, and whom I’ve met along the way.

Risk and Reward

Pastors have always wryly observed that we didn’t get into this for the money. Maybe money doesn’t pose a temptation for you, but all of us are susceptible to covetousness—wanting what others have. … I can think of few Christians who have more opportunities to get rich slowly than pastors.

To Finish

I don’t think pastors fail because the burdens are too heavy or the enemies too fierce. I wonder if the difference between finishing and failing—the one test that is up to us—is simply being true.

Through the Door

Now this season of the Great Interruption is a good time to step outside to stand by your church’s lampstand and listen. Be quiet. Be humble.