The Motherlode of Wisdom

Proverbs was written to keep us out of trouble and to persuade us that the virtuous life will be richly rewarded. That’s what makes wisdom such a treasure. But the motherlode of wisdom is actually easy to miss.

More Humble

“Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.” How is that possible! This man had a fiery temper and a fierce sense of right and wrong, so how could he find it in himself to take this kind of insubordination from his own siblings and not say a word!

‘And Playing the Role of the Father …’

Paul was asking Pastor Philemon to play out the story of the prodigal son on the platform of his church, with Philemon himself in the role of the father. The script said to throw his arms around the wastrel and to summon everyone to celebrate “this son of mine who was dead and is now alive.” God does that to pastors sometimes. Our stories won’t mirror this one exactly but they’re similar enough for us to nod in recognition.

God Plays Favorites

Jacob is the Bible’s “Everyman.” He is the first Israel. And he is us. One thing this failure-prone figure proves is that God plays favorites. When God plays favorites we call it grace.

Crouching Sin, Gathered Grace

A young fellow came to our door the other day selling security systems, including a little camera allowing us to see who is at the door. No matter how good it is, there’s a threat that camera would miss. “Sin is crouching at your door,” God told Cain, with a warning that echoes down to us.

Take Them to the Mountain

Lead your brothers and sisters to this homeland they have never seen. When they feel like they live in dangerous dark alleys, we take them again to Mt. Stronghold, to the heavenly Jerusalem—their “foundation of peace.”