Admiration I: Humility

Pastoring, as we all know too well, can sometimes be a brutal business. Paul warned us, and Jesus, of course. For most of us ministry has been deeply gratifying but occasionally it can kick the stuffing out of a person. It’s a hard-found humility, and some pastors only come out resentful or arrogant, but I admire those who’ve lost some of their bravado, who got small without getting bitter.

Faithful in Little: Child-Sized

I hope that when our church kids grow up they’ll remember that they had a pastor who knew and loved them like Jesus when they were but little lambs. Yet Jesus taught us that we may need kids more than they need us.

More Humble

“Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.” How is that possible! This man had a fiery temper and a fierce sense of right and wrong, so how could he find it in himself to take this kind of insubordination from his own siblings and not say a word!

Cutting the Heads Off My Highness

“Every morning I try to cut the heads off my highness—like Medusa.” Irma said that to me one morning. … Lowness, once you crawl there, is a safe place, a Sabbath for our souls where strivings cease. There is relief and blessing in being small.

God’s Gift to Pastors: Smallification

How can we guide others through the ladders, passages, and watchtowers of God’s kingdom if we’re too big? So God gives us the gift most of us don’t put on our Christmas list: smallification.

“You Know How I Lived”

Serving the Lord will take the stuffing out of any shepherd. Humility, heartbreak, and the inward toll of devilish trials are not only hard, but they need to be experienced in full view of your people. Pastors must keep plenty of secrets but our weaknesses aren’t among them.