Shepherds’ Prayer

But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people ….” And so was birthed our calling as a new breed of shepherds entrusted with this angelic good news, this gospel. Honestly, Lord, we wish it stirred greater joy than it does. We and our flock have heard this good news so often that we’ve grown a little tone deaf. Will you “cause great joy” in us and in our dear people?

I Coulda Been a Contender

These wilderness months have not been in vain even when they’ve been disheartening. Now you have seen what was in the hearts of your people and whether or not they obeyed the Lord. Now you’ve seen how the Spirit of Christ within them worked or was quenched. One pastor friend said, “We had no idea how mean our people could be!” Well, now we know. We know, too, that others were faithful, prayerful, and self-sacrificing.

The Breath of Wisdom

God’s wisdom doesn’t typically come like a bolt out of the blue. It’s more like a very enlightening conversation where holy insights dawn on us. We discover and understand holy treasures by reading and hearing Scripture but we internalize them in prayer, bringing our own daily case studies under our Father’s tutelage.

Glory Be!

What our flocks need most from us, if Pastor Moses is any indication, is not our vision or our visits but our prayers, interceding for God’s grace upon them but also this wise and pivotal prayer for ourselves.

The Tent of Meeting

These days, our people often know very little about their pastor’s meetings with God. Nonetheless, many of them hope you know God better than they do. They hope your prayers have the lift and heft that theirs don’t, that you have God’s ear. It matters to them when their pastor prays for them personally. I often marveled that they thought my prayers were special, but they did.

At the End of Your Rope

Some congregations are tough—really tough. But no shepherd ever had a worse flock than Pastor Moses. God himself threatened to give up on them!